About me
About me


I´m collecting SS-Totenkopfrings more than 10 years. In 2017 I wrote the book "SS-Totenkopfring - Himmleruv prsten cti". Inside you can find described fates of 26 officers whose rings I have in the collection. I spent 2 years by writing and searching in archives to save their story for you and the next generations. But life is going on and I want to move behind next korner for new challenges, so I´m selling some SS-Totenkopfrings. Not easy for me, but 26 rings is too much to keep. I hope they will make new owner happy.

Now you have exclusive chance to buy the rings with great stories, rings published in the book, so the price will only rise in the future. All rings have Don Boyle´s certificate, of course...If you are interested in buy, let me know by e-mail: info@totenkopfring.cz

Suggested offering prices!

SS-Totenkopfring Honor ring